Jo Strømgren Kompani – THE VIRUS (2016) – excerpts from Jo Strømgren Kompani on Vimeo.Ivar Sverrisson started acting on stage when he was 9 years old, playing  various roles in some of the most successful musicals at the time in Reykjavik. Following that he played Gavroche in Les Miserablés at the National Theater of Iceland and the Artful Dodger in Oliver Twist, the Musical. That was the start of his prolific juvenile career where he played various large roles in theater, films and on television. He took some years off from acting when he was a teenager and focused mainly on playing basketball and pursued a career as a professional basketball player. He spent a year as an exchange student in Mexico when he was 18 and learned to speak Spanish fluently. After high school he decided to audition for the National Acting School in Reykjavik. He was accepted and graduated in 2002 with a 4 year BfA University degree.

At acting school he got acquainted with contemporary dance and got totally hooked on the idea and possibilities of the dance form and the idea of mixing dance into physical stage acting. He took a 2-year course alongside his studies at the Icelandic Ballet School in the evenings. He also took ballroom dancing classes at his aunt´s dance school on weekends. Since graduating he has worked both in traditional theater, contemporary dance and dance-theater.

His first role after graduating was Hamlet performing in the Municipal Theater of Akureyri, directed by former National Theater Artistic Director Sveinn Einarsson. He was nominated as Actor of the Year in 2003 for the Gríma theater prize. He was offered a contract with the National Theater in Reykjavik where he took part in performances for several years. In 2010 he moved to Norway and has been making a name for himself in the art scene since then. Living in Oslo he has had roles at the Norwegian Opera, the National Theater and with prominent independent theater groups such as Jo Strømgren Kompani ( and Grusomhetensteater (Theater of Cruelty –

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Complete theater cv:

2018, Actor                    Amazonas                         Grusomhetensteater / Lars Øyno

2016- , Actor/Dancer    Virus (still touring)       Jo Strømgren Kompani / Jo Strømgren

2015- , Actor/Dancer   There (still touring)       Jo Strømgren Kompani / Jo Strømgren

2014, Actor                    The Flying Dutchman    Norwegian Opera / Andreas Homoki

2014, Actor                    Kjøkkenet                          Jo Strømgren Kompani / Jo Strømgren

2013, Actor                    Ronja Røverdatter          National Theatre / Cecilie Mosli

2013, Actor/Dancer     Salome                                Norwegian Opera / Stefan Herheim

2013, Actor/Dancer     Spotterscope                     Teaterkompaniet Memento / Ingvild Marie Lien

2013, Actor/Dancer     The Border / Grensen     Jo Strømgren Kompani / Jo Strømgren

2013, Actor                    Jeg har aldri                        Voicebox Theatre Oslo / Cecile Mosli

2012, Martial artist/Dancer    Aida                        Norwegian Opera / David McVicar

2011, Physical theaterWhat A Glorious Day!    Grusomhetens Teater / Lars Øyno

2010, Opera                   Eugene Onegin                 Norwegian Opera / Jakup Korcak

2010, Dance theater   Brothers                              National Theater / Lára Stefánsdóttir

2009, Siamese twin    Museum of the Sea         National Theater Iceland / Arthur Naucyziel / Damien Jalet / Erna Ómarsdóttir

2009, Butcher               Kardemomme byen        National Theater Iceland / Selma Björnsd

2006, Padraic                The Lieutenant of Inishmore City Theater Akureyri / Magnús Geir

2006, Odin                     Gunnladarsaga                 Kvenf.Garpur / Þórhildur Þorleifsdóttir

2005, Joseph                  By The Bog of Cats          National Theater Iceland / Edda Bachman

2004, Arthur                 The Little Girl With The Matches Icelandic Opera / Ástrós Gunnarsd.

2003, Murderer            Richard III                           National Theater Iceland / Rimas Thuminas

2003, The Boy               Our Boy                               National Theater Iceland / Hilmar Jónsson

2002, Bear                     An Ordinary Miracle        Theater of Akureyri / Vladimir Bouchler

2002, Hamlet               Hamlet                                   Theater of Akureyri / Sveinn Einarsson

2002, Bassianus          Titus Andronikus              Vesturport / Björn Hlynur

1992,                               Lost in Yonkers                 City Theater / Hallmar Sigurðsson

1989, Artful Dodger   Oliver Twist                       National Theater Iceland / Benedikt Árnason

1987, Gavroche            Les Miserábles                 National Theater Iceland / Benedikt Árnason