Ivar Sverrisson is an Icelandic multilingual actor, based in Oslo, Norway.

In addition to his native language he speaks English, Spanish and Norwegian fluently. He recently worked as an actor and language/dialect on HBO´s Beforeigners coaching the actors in the ancient Viking language that is very close to modern Icelandic.

Brought up by artist parents who studied theater-design and music abroad, he was exposed to different cultures and art forms at an early age. Having lived in London for 3 years as a teenager he can speak English with a British, American or Scandinavian accent. Later he spent a year studying in Mexico where he learned to speak Spanish. In 2010 he relocated to Norway with his family where he now lives and works.

He is an agile actor who does not hesitate taking on physically demanding roles. After graduating from the Icelandic Academy of the Arts in 2002 he worked in the contemporary dance and dance-theater scene. He is now a regular performer with the Norwegian group Jo Strømgren Kompani and has also taken on roles at the Norwegian Opera & Ballet and at the National Theaters in Iceland and in Norway.

It´s important to him to evolve as an actor and he stays close to the experimental arts scene in Oslo performing regularly with groups such as Grusomhetens Teater and also directing his own plays.

For inquiries please email to: ivar.sverrisson [a] gmail.com

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